Dental implants in Patchogue

Dental Implants in Patchogue

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Multiple teeth implants in Patchogue

Dental implants in Patchogue
Dental implants in Patchogue

Our dental implants in Patchogue are excellent for the replacement of single teeth, but what if you have multiple teeth that are missing? Fortunately, they are perfectly suitable for that situation, too. At the office of Eyal Waldman, DMD, you can restore your full smile with reliable, realistic new teeth.

Single implants consist of two basic components: the root, which is a titanium post that is surgically placed in your jaw; and the tooth, a crown made from tooth-colored material and based on impressions taken at our office, which is then cemented to the post. When you get our dental implants in Patchogue as a remedy for multiple missing teeth, the procedure is slightly different. You don’t need to have a post for every missing tooth. Just a few are all that is required. A bridge or denture is then made to go on top of the posts, but they are nothing like traditional bridges or dentures. Your other teeth are not affected. There are no anchors or clasps. Best of all, there is no messy adhesive. And that’s a good thing, because the adhesive is far from 100% dependable anyway. Our dental implants in Patchogue are totally dependable. The bridge or denture snaps onto the posts. It is removable, but while you have it on, you can speak, chew, and laugh with full confidence. Are you a good candidate for this type of tooth replacement? To find out, come in for an examination and consultation. Have your questions answered, and have testing done to determine your suitability for implants.

There’s no reason that you have to settle for any less than the most advanced method available for getting your smile back. Contact our office right now and let us set up a time for you to come in and meet with our implant dentist.

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