Brookhaven root canal

Brookhaven Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Brookhaven

Eyal Waldman, DMD is a specialist in Brookhaven root canal procedures as well as general dentistry. Our root canal therapy is done in a friendly office that will have you in and out before you know it. Connect with us on Facebook or Google Plus to learn more. Our practice in Patchogue, NY serves patients with procedures such as dental implants, teeth bleaching and whitening, extractions and veneers.

Typically a root canal therapy is completed in one to two visits, but it depends on the complexity of each individual case. It is ideal to save the tooth rather than extract it. Extracted teeth may cause other teeth to shift out of position. During a Brookhaven root canal our endodontist removes the inflamed pulp and will clean the inside of the tooth and then cap it off with a crown to protect it. It is this type of restoration that will save the tooth so that it can still function just like every other tooth. Inflammation inside the tooth can be painful. The actual procedure itself is not painful but the infection or inflammation leading up to it can be. Patients may feel pain after the procedure for a little while and soreness. Root canals are not complicated procedures but should be done as early as possible to avoid any potential chance of infection.

Our offices are open Monday through Friday during various hours and patients can request an appointment online or by phone for their Brookhaven root canal. Ask us about the latest in porcelain restorations, the latest cosmetic restorative materials and orthodontics such as Invisalign. We have a board certified periodontist and orthodontist on staff for all your needs, and also provide patients with sleep apnea appliances. Call for more information today to get to know more about us.

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