Brookhaven root canal

Brookhaven Root Canal

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The way that root canal therapy is typically portrayed in popular culture, it’s as if they got it completely backwards. It’s a procedure that rescues you from pain, not one that causes any. Well, you can’t believe everything you see on TV, of course, and here at the dental practice of Eyal Waldman, DMD we can assure you that this essential treatment is performed using the most advanced techniques and the state-of-the-art in equipment to produce the bet results while keeping you as comfortable as possible. Most of our patients have reported either no pain at all during the procedure, or very little. So relax and let us explain the benefits of having it done.

Once your tooth becomes infected, there is only one other option besides our Brookhaven root canal, and that is a tooth extraction. Some people mistakenly see that as a viable choice equal to that of root canal therapy, but with ours you get to keep your natural tooth. If your tooth is removed, you are left with a big space that stands out like a sore thumb. Furthermore, your other teeth might shift and cause you discomfort and/or jaw misalignment. Chewing becomes more challenging, too. You can have the tooth replaced, but that is added time and expense for you. Far better to take advantage of our Brookhaven root canal. Our dentist numbs you with local anesthesia, after which the top of the tooth is drilled out so that reaching the infected tissue is easy. Once the pulp and nerve have been taken out, the canals are cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. The healed tooth is then restored later with a dental crown, giving you a tooth that is back to its normal size, appearance, and function.

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